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The SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM is a unique an innovative method to study music that bridges Music Theory and the Mechanics of string instruments.

An intuitive system to map and internalise Notes, Scales and Shapes over the entire fretboard to develop accuracy and to unlock your playing.
The original graphics and illustrations are intuitive tools to visualise and internalise the symmetry of the fretboard – a crucial aspect to mastering the instrument – and to learn music concepts through practical application.

Levels: Beginner to Advanced.

  This system aims to build a strong understanding of music theory and its application on the instrument, to fill some of the gaps that may have occurred during previous studies, and to provide another point of view to look at music.


Available in English, Italian and Spanish. Read more.







Watch the book review in conversation with Bass Musician Magazine




“Alex has devised an inventive system to decode the inherent tonal symmetry of the electric bass. This method demystifies the geometry of the fingerboard and speeds up the process of understanding and internalizing scales, modes and arpeggios. I wish I had a copy of this book when I was starting out!”

– Michael Manring



“A unique, innovative, and refreshing Scale Colour System by Alex Lofoco, which helps the player demystify the fingerboard, scales, intervals, arpeggios, modes and more! A very easy to follow, intuitive and visually instinctual method that bassists of any age and ability can comprehend. If traditional bass method and theory books have left you feeling bewildered & confused, then this book could well be a game changer!”

– Dave Swift (Jools Holland)



“Alex Lofoco’s Scale Colour System Vol. 1 – Scales is an extremely comprehensive and in-depth approach to virtually every scale that a bassist could be expected to know. He uses an innovative system of using different colours for different scale intervals, superimposed on fretboard diagrams, though notation is also used, and this approach may well suit those bassists who find regular theory books too alien. To master every scale demonstrated would take hundreds, if not thousands of hours’ practice, which probably matches the amount of work that Alex has put into this book! Highly recommended for those wishing to become masters of bass.”

– Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Brian May)





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The Progressive Aspect – Beyond album review

Bass session man and composer Alex Lofoco has announced himself to the world with his hugely impressive and incendiary debut album that recalls the progressive, jazz fusioneers of the early 70s. Think Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, Return to Forever – to mention just a few. Strengthening this notion Alex has called on Chick Corea’s EB sax-man Eric Marienthal who guests on a couple of tracks. With Marco Minnemann on kit, guitarist Roby Meola, keyboard maestro Jordan Rudess and some seriously impressive piano players in Tomasz Bura and Jesus Molina, we have a world class band here folks.

Beyond is chock full of well written, high octane work-outs, played with fire and passion and a true sense of musicality. I’ve got to warn you there’s very little in the way of respite, although the album’s title track does display a more intimate side, so this is one hell of a rollercoaster of a ride. But one you will want to repeat – often…

Beyond is was released in December 2017, available on a number of digital platforms and well worth investigating.

A Different Aspect #19

London Bass Guitar Show 2018

LGBS 2018 Alex will be demoing at GR BASS amplifier booth #A36. GR BASS is presenting their latest bass amplification solution.

The London Bass Guitar Show is a two-day event dedicated to all things bass. Held at the prestigious Olympia London, you will find three stages and loads of bass gear to try out.

On the main stage, watch your idols perform up close and personal, giving you the chance to see them play front and centre.

Check out the Education Zone whatever your level – none of us are perfect, right? Some of the best bass tutors out there will be on hand to give advice and tips, and answer those burning bass playing questions.

The show is packed with the best brands out there, so you can try out and buy the latest and best bass gear at special show prices.

Bass Masterclass at BIMM London

I will have the great pleasure to be holding a bass masterclass at the BIMM music college in London where I will be demonstrating some of the tracks from my album Beyond and talking about techniques, mechanics, theory and gear.

The school has top teaching rooms, performance areas, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, post-production suites or Mac labs and all their facilities are filled with high-tech industry-standard equipment and software provided by the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers.


No Treble > New Albums – Beyond

“The album is a mix of fusion rock, jazz, progressive, latin and heavy-metal, featuring an incredible list of artists who contributed to the decisive sound of the record: Jordan Rudess, Marco Minnemann, Eric Marienthal, Roby Meola, Jesus Molina, Tomasz Bura,” the album notes explain.

Italian-born, London-based bassist Alex Lofoco has just released his debut album, Beyond, although you wouldn’t know it’s his first solo album from the music. Sometimes biting and sometimes intimate, the intricate music brings lots of influences and was created with an A-list team of musicians.



Alex Lofoco Releases Debut Solo Album, “Beyond”

Beyond – album release December 9, 2017


Independent bassist Alex Lofoco is releasing his debut album Beyond. Available on all major online stores on December 9th.

The album is a mix of fusion rock, jazz, progressive, latin and heavy-metal, featuring an incredible list of artists who contributed to the decisive sound of the record: Jordan Rudess, Marco Minnemann, Eric Marienthal, Roby Meola, Jesus Molina, Tomasz Bura.



Track Listing:

1 – Rolling The Stone
2 – Resurrection
3 – Grace
4 – Earthquake
5 – Mystery Of Faith
6 – The Spear
7 – Beyond