Very excited to announce the release of this new SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM series book!
For many years I have been using Jaco as a reference to learn and teach aspects of his style. The only instructional video Jaco ever released is gold and, in my opinion, contains more crucial information about the bass than any other resource.
Through thorough analysis the book presents Jaco’s ideas and approach to the bass in a comprehensive manner, using his examples to explain and expand universal concepts on the mechanics of the instrument and a beginner/intermediate approach to harmony and theory.
The brand new transcriptions are enhanced with TABs and the examples are explained and presented through the unique Scale Colour System.
To celebrate Jaco’s legacy, Contemporary Bass Guitar will be released on his birthday on December the 1st!
Available for preorder at


Live Streaming Open Class

On Friday 13 November I’ll be joining Bass Your Life Educational for a live streaming  open class at 5pm GMT. I will be talking about the newest Scale Colour System book series CONTEMPORARY BASS GUITAR – Jaco Pastorius and more about the techniques I like to use the most.
Join the lesson and participate with questions or just pop by to say hi on YouTube at

You can read more on Bass Your Life website