Jaco Pastorius transcription | All American Alien Boy

Jaco Pastorius has, without a doubt, profoundly changed the way we perceive the electric bass and its role in a band. His distinctive tone, grooves, and solos literally came from another planet – like if he was an Alien Boy – and became so iconic that Jaco had influenced generations of bass players and, I am sure, more to come.

“Jaco opened the door, and we just walked through”.


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Alex’s Bass Room | Facebook Group

Welcome to my Bass Room group! This space is intended to primarily share music related content to inspire and help all members to expand and their knowledge of theory, harmony, techniques, gear, tips & tricks.
Although this groups is mainly focussed on the bass guitar, all instruments are welcome as we can all learn from each other.
You can ask questions, look for suggestions and above all share your passion for music.
All points of view are welcome and discussions should lead to a mutual benefit. Irony and humour are accepted, but please keep it healthy and constructive and don’t use them just for the sake of it.
Hope you will enjoy and I’ll see you in!


The many aspects of the Bass | TV Performance at IGT

How to divulge the bass to a wider audience? Take it on the telly! Here’s a very fun and unconvetional experience I had when I showed up at a talent show demonstrating some other ways to make music with just the bass – or like Victor Wooten would say “Me and my Bass Guitar”.
My intent was to share my passion for music with the hope to inspire to play an instrument – preferibly the bass 🙂 – and shed some light on one fundamental instrument which is rarely under the spotlight.

Click HERE to watch most of the performance broadascted on TV8it on 17 February 2021





Very excited to announce the release of this new SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM series book!
For many years I have been using Jaco as a reference to learn and teach aspects of his style. The only instructional video Jaco ever released is gold and, in my opinion, contains more crucial information about the bass than any other resource.
Through thorough analysis the book presents Jaco’s ideas and approach to the bass in a comprehensive manner, using his examples to explain and expand universal concepts on the mechanics of the instrument and a beginner/intermediate approach to harmony and theory.
The brand new transcriptions are enhanced with TABs and the examples are explained and presented through the unique Scale Colour System.
To celebrate Jaco’s legacy, Contemporary Bass Guitar will be released on his birthday on December the 1st!
Now available at www.alexlofoco.com/Shop


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Live Streaming Open Class

On Friday 13 November I’ll be joining Bass Your Life Educational for a live streaming  open class at 5pm GMT. I will be talking about the newest Scale Colour System book series CONTEMPORARY BASS GUITAR – Jaco Pastorius and more about the techniques I like to use the most.
Join the lesson and participate with questions or just pop by to say hi on YouTube at https://youtu.be/9pT34AX2hOU

You can read more on Bass Your Life website

Live Stream | Federico Malaman & Alex Lofoco

Due personaggi che nel mondo del basso non hanno bisogno di presentazioni per una diretta interamente dedicata alle corde grosse: Alex Lofoco e Federico Malaman.

Prendiamo subito nota della data: l’appuntamento è fissato per Venerdì 5 giugno alle ore 21:00 sui nostri canali YouTube e Facebook. Sarà una serata in cui questi due incredibili artisti delle basse frequenze ci intratterranno parlando di didattica, di suono, di tecnica e di stile, ma non mancheranno anche delle belle performance a tema e ci sarà come sempre spazio per i commenti degli spettatori da entrambe le piattaforme.

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This year’s Learn to Play Day will take place on 28 and 29 March at the Music Room London – Denmark St.

This series of events, powered by Music For All, encourage people of all ages and abilities to try out an instrument and have a go at making music, will see music shops, teachers, venues and schools across the UK partnering with musical instrument manufacturers and brands to offer free music taster lessons.

Info and bookings: london@halleonardeurope.com

on The Bassist Podcast #83

I met up with Jayme Lewis from TheBassist.net in Hollywood after the NAMM and we talked about my new projects, discussed about music education, gear, drank cofee and much more…

Visit https://thebassist.net/episode-83-with-alex-lofoco/


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New Interview on Accordo.it

A series of in depth questions on the SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM from the editor of the Italian Accordo.it to discover the process and development of this innovative tool.

“Scale Colour System” è il metodo del bassista Alex Lofoco che si prefigge una via originale e diversa per aiutare i musicisti a imparare le scale. Servendosi dei colori inventa forme e geometrie che aiutano a identificare cromaticamente gli intervalli che caratterizzano e costruiscono le scale. Un proposta didattica coraggiosa che senz’altro meritava un’approfondimento visto il buon successo e interesse che il libro sta raccogliendo. Abbiamo incontrato Alex Lofoco per farci raccontare e spiegare il suo lavoro.


Quali sono le difficolta più frequenti di apprendimento che hai incontrato nello studio delle scale e che ti hanno spronato alla ricerca di una via alternativa di visualizzazione delle scale?
Parlo tanto di di
fficoltà tue, negli anni della tua formazione che riscontrate poi negli allievi.

Credo che l’obiettivo di tutti i musicisti, aspiranti e non, sia quello di poter navigare l’intero strumento con assoluta libertà, consapevolezza e divertirsi a fare musica il prima possibile. Nella mia esperienza come studente prima, e come didatta poi, ho riscontrato diverse tipologie di difficoltà relative a vari aspetti a seconda dell’esperienza e la natura del soggetto in questione. In generale però, mi sembra che i due grossi ostacoli ricorrenti siano di carattere prettamente mnemonico: 1) trovare e ricordarsi la posizione di tutte le note su tutta la tastiera e 2) ricordarsi come muovere le dita nella maniera più appropriata. Ho individuato tre aspetti che regolano l’apprendimento e da cui la memoria attinge: laTecnica/Meccanica, la Teoria e l’Orecchio.


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